About the Editors

Patrick L Young

Patrick wrote the first bestselling fintech book Capital Market Revolution! (FT Prentice Hall) in 1999 which amongst many other topics, explored the future of electronic money – today’s cryptocurrency. While at pains to stress he isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto, Patrick has been regularly ahead of trends in fintech – even before that first book discussed ‘fintech’ a decade before the word was first deployed! A serial entrepreneur since childhood, active in WWW e-commerce since 1994, Patrick is a professional derivatives trader, former exchange CEO, and indeed, amongst other tomes, the co-editor of this volume.

Patrick chairs the Blockchain Malta Association amongst his portfolio of non-executive experience. His next book Victory or Death updates some of his fintech thinking while ‘PLY’ also publishes the daily newsletter market structure ‘Exchange Invest’. He has appeared on major media and been a keynote speaker across the world at conference on finance, the future thereof and much else besides.

Joseph Anthony Debono

Debono, Joseph Anthony holds a number of degrees in disciplines including History and Classics. He is one of the founders of the Malta Classics Association, and the founder of the Classical Studies syllabus at Intermediate (post-secondary) Level in Malta. For many years, he taught History, IT, Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Studies at all levels from 11-year-olds to university students. He has translated, written, and published numerous materials, mostly related to History and Classics. Since 2016, his attention has been increasingly attracted to cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technology, and he has been studying the field, carrying out research, writing, and speaking on these technologies ever since. Having acquired certification in Blockchain Business Strategy from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, he is pursuing further certification and qualifications related to this field. Apart from this, he is a Senior Advisor at Zeta Corporate and Management Limited to which he provides consultancy and training in cryptocurrencies and DLT.