DLT Malta – The Blockchain Island Book

"There can be no doubt this is a world prone to volatility and change. However, we do not have any time to waste on pessimism. A world of digital opportunity awaits us."
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat 
from the Foreword

“DLT Malta – Thoughts from the Blockchain Island” 

“DLT Malta – Thoughts from the Blockchain Island” is a collaboration by leading stakeholders who helped create and develop the Blockchain Island,  produced by the Blockchain Malta Association under the editorship of its chairman Patrick L Young and Joseph Anthony Debono.

DLT Malta is an anthology of chapters, providing a compendium of insights into the thoughts behind the creation of the Blockchain Island all the way through to some fascinating thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency, DLT and the role that Malta is shaping in this exciting new world of opportunity.



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DLT Malta
- Thoughts From The Blockchain Island
ISBN 978-83-62627-02-8
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